Transforming How We Treat Brain Injuries

  • “It’s about time someone used technology to make these [EVDs] better!“

    — Neuro ICU Nurse
  • “ ... life-changing for pediatric neurosurgery ... ”

    — Pediatric Nursing Focus Group
  • “Patients could be transferred to a medical floor bed instead of taking up valuable ICU space.“

    — Intensivist

Aqueduct has developed the first and only automated gravity-based solution for draining Cerebral Spinal Fluid and continuously monitoring intracranial pressure.

Enhanced Care

Nurses evolve beyond manual processes and treatments

Increased Mobility

Patients move freely with their drains still attached

Critical Notifications

Nurses receive alerts when something is wrong

Manage Costs

Hospitals benefit from more flexible patient monitoring

Get a Closer Look at the Smart External Drain

Our Story

Based in Bothell, Washington, Aqueduct Critical Care was founded in October of 2013 by a group of seasoned medical device entrepreneurs led by Tom Clement, President and CEO. The company was founded to develop and commercialize technology invented at the nearby University of Washington. We are engineers and problem solvers with years of industry experience.

Aqueduct Critical Care has multiple patents filed. Our first U.S. patent was granted in May 2017.

Our Team

Our team of doctors, scientists, and healthcare industry professionals brings together experience from world-class companies, renowned universities, and cutting-edge research clinics, including ...

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