What We Do

Our Mission Is To Transform A 60-Year-Old Treatment Method

Following a brain injury, would you believe that neurosurgeons currently relieve life-threatening pressure caused by fluid build-up in the brain essentially the same way a mechanic siphons gas from a car?

The drains are not automated or digitally monitored, and patients require expensive 24/7 care in the ICU because any movement can result in patient discomfort, injury, or even death. This nearly 60-year-old treatment method is not only extremely risky for patients, but also extremely expensive for hospitals.

Aqueduct addresses these problems with the Smart External Drain™ (SED™).


The Aqueduct
Smart External Drain

In collaboration with a host of neurosurgeons and nursing staff, our engineers designed the Smart External Drain (or SED) to automate the management of patients on external drains, increasing patient mobility and potentially improving safety.

The SED system is a complete system for externally draining and monitoring cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and monitoring intracranial pressure (ICP). Our device is gravity-fed and consists of a console with a touch screen user interface and a single use, disposable cartridge.


Process & Monitoring Automation

The SED cartridge is connected to the patient end line and the system continuously monitors CSF drainage and ICP. The system compensates automatically for patient movement and will alert nurses and hospital staff if the patient’s ICP or CSF drainage rate exceeds user-specified limits.


Innovative & Proprietary

We have multiple patents filed. Our first U.S. patent (No. 9,662,478) was granted in May 2017.